Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Fund Raising Events

Hello Everyome

Don't forget our fundraising events coming up
tell everyone in your group, friends, neighbours

Wednesday 20th April Bingo

Saturday 30th April Breakfast/Seedling Swap

Friday 6th May Quiz Night

Saturday 21st May 60's/70's Disco

Fundraising Team

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Fundraiser Events 2011

Saturday March 12th     Seed Swap and Breakfast

Saturday April 2nd      Village Hall Open Day

Friday 8th April        Beetle Drive
Wednesday 20th April    Easter Bingo
Friday 6th May  Quiz Night
Saturday 21st May       60's/70's Disco
Friday 17th June        Coffee Evening at Orchard Mead – Books,    

        wine and other things
Monday 29th August      Fun Day
Friday 30th September   Auction
Friday 14th October     Quiz
Friday 28th October     Casino or Masked Ball

Friday 11th November    Quiz